Rebates, Tax Credits, & Incentives

Who doesn't love saving money!?!

There are some fantastic rebates available through the APS/SRP Home Performance with Energy Star Program. These rebates help to reduce the cost of your home improvements so you can start saving money right away. The rebates are often changing and subject to funding availability, so our staff of energy efficiency specialists will walk you through what is applicable to your home and project.

Some APS and SRP rebates that are typically available include:

  • Ductwork Sealing
  • Insulation
  • Sunscreens
  • Solar Water Heaters
Envy Efficient By Design

By using ENVY Homes, an APS/SRP Homes Performance with Energy Star Contractor, we complete all paperwork for the rebate programs, so you don't have to hassle with it. Check with your energy efficiency specialist for current rebate availability and amounts.

In addition to the APS and SRP rebates, there are tax credits available for energy efficiency and solar improvements. While we can't file your taxes for you, we sure can help find the most amount of tax credits available for your particular project with ENVY Homes. Energy efficiency and solar tax credits generally have very few individual restrictions, so you will most likely be able to take advantage of them. Contact your tax professional to verify your own personal tax situation.