Myth Busters

Myth: We hear all the time, "I already know I need a new AC unit" or "My windows definitely need to be replaced."

Fact: 92% of the time, an energy audit reveals items in the home that are less costly than windows and an AC unit, and will have a greater impact on the efficiency of the home.

Myth: Shutting vents in unused rooms will save money and redirect that air to other rooms that are not getting proper airflow.

Fact: Closing the vents is actually a waste of money. It causes more strain on your unit by restricting air from getting back to the return. The only way to obtain ideal airflow is with proper routing of the duct system.

Myth: Attic vents will make my house cooler by pushing hot air out and pulling cooler outside air into the attic.

Fact: If your house is not perfectly sealed, the attic fan can actually pull air-conditioned air from the main body of your house that is cooler than both the air in your attic and the air outside. This will make your AC unit have to stay on longer, ultimately increasing energy usage. The best option is to passively resist heat from the attic with insulation and air barrier.