About Us

Our History, Mission & Team

Envy Home was founded in 2014 as a licensed general contracting company. The owners, Stephen Williams and Justin Spence, recognized a high demand for residential energy savings in the Phoenix Metro and surrounding areas.

Both of them became a certified contractor within the APS and SRP Home Performance with Energy Star Program and have been helping homeowners cut back on energy usage ever since.

Envy Efficient By Design

Some Quick Facts

  • We provide a three-step process:
    1. Perform the initial Energy Audit inspection to diagnose deficiencies.
    2. Provide recommended repair work with our own trained Energy Efficiency installers.
    3. Provide a second Energy Audit after the repair work is complete to double check our work.
  • Our expert auditors test for energy deficiencies within the house.
  • We have been providing energy auditing in Maricopa County since 2014.
  • We focus on energy efficiency and making your home more comfortable.
  • We maintain excellent communication with our customers.
  • We improve your indoor air quality by removing the sources of dust, dirt and allergen infiltration.


We strive to provide homeowners with the professional services and informative education necessary to live happily and comfortably.

Our Team

We are experienced and highly trained BPI-certified home performance energy audit specialists. All our work is done by a BBB licensed and insured general contractor.

Envy Efficient By Design

Justin Spence

Envy Efficient By Design

Anthony Wooten

Envy Efficient By Design


Envy Efficient By Design


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Envy Efficient By Design


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